The Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Space

When you look up at the starry sky, have you ever imagined yourself traveling through the magnificent scene of the universe?

Are you curious about mysterious planets and and dream to be a brave astronauts in space? So, I’m going to introduce you to a unique and fun way to make your space dreams come true – LEGO brick models.

These small building blocks can not only be used to build various shapes and structures, but also can bring us into the boundless universe of space, exploring the world of astronauts, the mysteries of spaceships and the mysterious journey to Mars.

Let’s embark on this creative space journey together and unlock your unlimited imagination!

Mould King 13136 Astronaut Robot Building Toy Set

When it comes to space and cosmic exploration, you will find that many children are full of longing and love for astronauts.

Astronauts represent courage, adventure and endless possibilities. They traveled between the stars, explored the unknown universe, and brought countless discoveries and breakthroughs to mankind.

For kids who love space, becoming an astronaut is a dream and a chance to touch the stars and the ocean.

And now, I want to introduce to you an astronaut building block model especially suitable for beginners——Mould King 13136 astronaut model.

The design of this model is exquisite and simple, it only contains 493 building block particles, it is very suitable for those children who love astronauts but are afraid to try complex building blocks.

Despite its diminutive size, the finished product measures nearly 20cm tall, enough for kids to have an eye-catching astronaut robot in their hands.

This Mould King 13136 astronaut model has excellent mobility, equipped with flexible arms, fingers and a rotatable head, allowing the astronaut robot to simulate various actions and poses.

Meanwhile, the model has been enhanced with space-themed stickers to give it a personalized touch.

It uses a spacesuit, helmet, and complex mechanical structure with tracked lower limbs to prepare for interstellar travel.

This astronaut figure also comes with a remote that can be controlled via the remote or with a specific app for added fun and interactivity.

It can achieve 360° movement and excellent stability, allowing children to feel the real control and fun of exploration.

Through the Mould King 13136 astronaut model, children can play the role of astronauts in the game and experience the passion of space exploration.

Now, let’s set off together and start our own space adventure with this exciting Mould King 13136 astronaut model!

Let our imagination soar among the stars and explore the unknown mysteries of the universe.

Mould King 21014 RC Mars Explorer Building Set

Mars has always been the object of human exploration and imagination, and its mystery and unknowns have attracted the curiosity of many children.

Mars is our closest planetary neighbor.

Its red surface, vast impact craters and possible signs of life make children full of fantasies and longing for this distant planet.

Mars exploration became an extension of their imagination, a virtual adventure, a world of endless possibilities.

And now, I want to introduce to you a building block model specially designed for children who are eager to explore Mars—Mould King 21014 Mars Explorer Model.

With  1608 bricks, this model is perfect for kids who already have some building skills.

The length of the finished product is close to 42 centimeters, allowing children to have a huge Mars exploration vehicle.

This Mars Explorer model is equipped with 8 electric motors and 7 outstanding pneumatic mechanisms, making it a breeze to operate countless functions.

It is known as the most accurate and fully functional space off-road vehicle in history, and it restores the real Mars exploration vehicle in a 1:8 scale.

By remote control drive, children can control the forward, reverse and steering of the vehicle; by remote control raising/lowering the ride height, they can adapt to various terrains; Close the skylight, they can observe the scene of Mars; through the remote control propeller, they can start detection in the sky.

There is even an option to remotely control antenna deployment, adding even more interactivity and creativity.

This Mould King 21014 Mars Explorer model is not only stunning, but educational as well.

By building and manipulating this model, kids can learn about Mars, space exploration, and science and technology.

They can simulate real exploration missions and experience the excitement and challenges of Mars exploration.

Now, let us join hands with the Mars Explorer model and embark on an exciting journey to Mars.

In this imaginative and creative world, children will become true explorers of Mars, exploring the unknown, pursuing knowledge, and inspiring infinite possibilities.

Mould King 21006 APOLLO 11 Spacecraft Building Set

One of the greatest moments in human history was July 20, 1969, when the Apollo 11 spacecraft successfully landed astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon and achieved the first to the moon.

This historic moment not only shocked the whole world, but also deeply touched the hearts of the children.

They are full of longing and curiosity about spaceships, astronauts and the unknown space.

Now, I would like to introduce to you a building block model with high collection value – Mould King 21006 spaceship model.

With a whopping 7106 bricks, this model is perfect for kids with advanced experience.

The finished size is 70 cm long and 43 cm high. Its huge size, detailed parts and highly restored appearance make it an exclusive collection for space exploration and building block lovers.

This Mould King 21006 spacecraft model was created to commemorate man’s historic walk on the Moon.

It is a highly detailed replica of the Apollo 11 Eagle lunar lander in a spectacular display model.

All blocks are consistent, compatible, easy to connect and not easy to spread. The fine workmanship ensures that the surface of the building blocks is smooth, without rough edges, comfortable to the touch, and easy to assemble.

The Mould King 21006 spacecraft model is a tribute to Apollo 11 and a compliment to the spirit of human exploration.

It allows children to feel the excitement and glory of man landing on the moon in the model built by himself. At the same time, this model is also an inspiration for science, technology and innovation, inspiring children’s love and spirit of exploration for space exploration.

Whether as a space enthusiast or a collector of building blocks, the Mould King 21006 spaceship model will become your pride.

It not only has a highly restored appearance, but also possesses technical mastery and aesthetic elegance.

It is a treasure worthy of collection and display, bringing you endless appreciation and memories.

LEGO brick models offer an exciting and immersive experience for children who love space. They provide a gateway to explore the wonders of the universe, ignite their imagination, and foster a love for science and discovery.

Each of these models offers unique features, educational value, and the thrill of building and playing, making them the perfect gifts for kids who dream of exploring the cosmos.

With LEGO brick models, the possibilities are endless, and the journey to the stars awaits. Let your imagination take flight!

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