Review: MOULD KING 13074 Ferrari Enzo

This model of the Ferrari Enzo by Mould King is an authorized piece from MOC creator James JT.

James JT is well known for in-set modifying LEGO sets. Compared to the LEGO 42115 Lamborghini, James JT ‘s Enzo retains the original 12-cylinder engine and 8-speed gearbox. It removes the scissor doors and introduces mechanically structured butterfly doors that are connected to the rear wing. This creative design enhances playability. Even though it lacks the iconic scissor doors of the Lamborghini, the addition of the butterfly doors provides a nice twist.

MOULD KING is authorized by the author and creates a highly detailed Enzo sports car model. It’s green, sleek, and even has over 2700 pieces! And guess what? It’s as long as half a meter.

The product comes in sturdy packaging measuring 24.5“ in length, 15.8“ cm in width, and 6“ in thickness. The whole color box package weighs approximately 4 kg.

Upon opening the package, you’ll find 8 bags of bricks, a bag of tires and a bag of exterior parts in two inner boxes, and an instruction booklet.

Start Building

The parts needed for step 1 are in the bag labeled 1-1.

On page 35, step 119, remember to correct the gearbox gears, otherwise, shifting may not be smooth.

 The 8-speed gearbox has been preserved, and a gear shifting part has been added to connect to the raising tail wing.

The first part is complete, mainly assembling the gear shifting mechanism and gearbox.

The tail wing automatically rises in high gear, this structure has appeared in James JT’s LEGO 911 gt3rs kit modified into the 991 MOC.

The tail wing automatically rises in high gear, this structure has appeared in James JT’s LEGO 911 gt3rs kit modified into the 991 MOC.

The second part is complete, mainly assembling the engine and rear axle. Remember to test the wheels and engine.

Part Three: Assembly of the entire rear section

After the rear assembly is complete, you can test the link between the tail wing and the engine. When the gearbox switches to high speed, the tail wing will slightly rise.

Part Four: The front axle structure

Part Five: The front surround

Part Six: The front hood

Part Seven: The rear hood

Part Eight: Assembly of the butterfly doors

Finished Product Display

Its a nice LEGO Technics style building kit of “Ferrari Enzo” . It took me around 11 hours. The instruction booklet is big and colorful. Sometimes, the pictures were a bit tricky to understand, and I had to adjust a few pieces to fit them correctly.

The build process is divided into four main parts in the manual. The pieces for each part are in numbered plastic bags. For instance, parts needed for sections two are in bags labeled #3 and #4.

At first, I opened bag #4 and started building. Later, I found out that some small black pieces were missing from the bags. I searched my collection for an hour to find replacements. After I moved on to bag #6, I found those missing pieces there, they should’ve been in bag #4.

In the end, there were a few extra pieces left over that weren’t used in the build.

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